Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Kiss Your Sahel Body Sweet Farewell With Tortina's 7 Heavenly Ramadan Creations

Kunafa Mont Blanc, anyone?

Staff Writer

Someone ought to conduct a study on why it is that Egyptians get particularly creative when Ramadan is around the corner. From TV productions all the way to our dining tables, everything suddenly gets a sparkling upgrade and we're left struggling to catch up. One thing we don't mind an extra dose of creativity with, however, is Ramadan desserts. You can complain about the extra calories all you want, but when Cairo's numerous pastries - ahead of which is Tortina - bust out those scrumptious collections of Ramadan delicacies, one can't help but succumb to such sugary goodness. So without further ado, here are Tortina's list of secret, anti-diet weapons this Ramadan:

Panna Cotta Bowl

Remember the simpler times when Konafa Mango was the new it thing? Well, at Tortina, they throw some Italian panna cotta cream, mango, and fresh cream to the mix. You can kiss that Sahel bod goodbye, for all the good reasons.

Banana Dates Pudding 

Say whaa?  Vanilla pudding with Kunafa topped with fresh cream, toffee sauce, chopped bananas and dates? Approved!

Kunafa Mont Blanc

Tortina's Konafa Mont Blanc adds an elegant and eloquent spin on an ancient dessert staple. A creamy chestnut puree, gingerly topped with a prime layer of baked konafa, and decorated with happy pile of meringue biscuits. 

Nougat Cake

This heavenly creation will see Kunafa collide with nougat cream, candied cherries and raspberry sauce. It's perfectly appropriate to drool now.

Nutella Bowl

If you like to stay on the simple side of things, go for this rather cream-filled Kunafa covered with Nutella. Doesn't get simpler than that. 

Rawani Mango Cake

Rawani is a traditional Egyptian dessert which is getting a mango and cream facelift at Tortina.

Oriental Kunafa Soiree  

If you want the best of all words smushed into one, opt for the ultimate collection of Kunafa miniatures. Think red velvet, triamisu, fresh mango, and crème de marron!

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