Monday 5 of December, 2022
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VIDEO: Foreigners Try 'Feseekh' For The First Time

What happens when we ask foreigners to try the infamously stinky Egyptian delicacy?

Staff Writer

As Egyptians we were raised with this so called immunity that renders us invincible to the harms of different food. Somehow we believe that foul and falafel are the source of said immunity. But when it comes to traditional Egyptian Easter delicacy feseekh (aka salted mullet aka stinky rotten fish aka the smelliest food on the planet) there is no escaping the complimentary stomach aches and possible poisoning that come after the 'feast'. With non-Egyptians it is a whole other story because they don't have this pseudo super power immunity we were raised to foster and they have no reason to believe that a stinky smell would come with a tasty flavour. We experimented on a couple of foreigners and just one Egyptian to see their reactions to feseekh...