Friday May 24th, 2024
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Video: A Recipe to Sahel’s Jellyfish Problem? This Egyptian Mother is Cooking Them Up

With the video getting more than one million views in less than 24 hours, we also did a little 'surfing' and found some jellyfish recipes of our own.

Staff Writer

Video: A Recipe to Sahel’s Jellyfish Problem? This Egyptian Mother is Cooking Them Up

You may have heard of the Nomadic Jellyfish situation in Sahel at the moment. And while jellyfish are no strangers to the Mediterranean, this year there has seen an unusually large number stinging beach-goers and washing up on the shores. And since of course, Egyptians are resourceful people: “Lots of jellyfish in Sahel? No problem!” Thought engineer Manar El Hagrasy, right before she appeared on national television with a simple recipe to cook and eat the jiggly sea creature.

According to El Hagrasy, jellyfish is widely consumed in places like India and China and it has many nutritional benefits. “The doctors told me it has gelatine in it which is good for the knees. It also has a high level of phosphorus… They even eat it in South East Asia,” she says. El Hagrasy asks her son to fish them from the sea before she cleans the jellyfish, cuts off tentacles, batters it, and then deep frying it in oil. Our very own foodie Ahmed Abuzaid tells us, “It’s delicious, it tastes like if squid had baby with cucumber!”  

Since the video has been released on social media, it has garnered more than one million views in less that 24 hours. Check it out below.

Now not all jellyfish species are edible, and we do not recommend that you eat any jellyfish without knowing what type it is and whether it is poisonous or not. But as curious creatures ourselves, we scoured the internet and brought you popular jellyfish dishes from around the world. Enjoy!

Chinese Smoked Eel and Jellyfish Salad

Japanese Jellyfish Sushi
Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Ice cream
Japanese Jellyfish Salad
Cold Korean Jellyfish Salad
Sesame Jellyfish Salad