Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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Viking’s Seriously Cool New Mall of Egypt Branch Brings Back Ancient Interior Furnishings

Set to open on April 1st, Viking Restaurant’s new branch in Mall of Egypt will feature Viking era decoration and furnishings that make us wish we were alive before the 1st long as we still have our iPhones.

Staff Writer

Flashback to the days when we used to wear ragged cotton tunics held together by tattered leather belts, and layered with a woollen battle cape to stay warm. Those were the days when defending oneself with a warrior shield and a brass sword was enough to conquer most of Western Europe. Wait… are we being delusional again? We weren’t exactly alive in those days but we don’t need to be to get an idea of what we missed, because Viking Restaurant is opening a brand-new branch in Mall of Egypt. They are introducing a stunning new Viking-inspired interior concept where we get to dine - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - amidst the era’s brass furnishings that give us the best of living in an age before penicillin.Because we’re pretty sure Vikings also loved brunch just as much as we do now, the new branch will be opening on the 1st of April at brunch time, duh. With new items added to their menu to render a more international style food selection, you can order anything from a Berry Mania Beef Fillet, to a Chicken Scaloppini. Depending on your mood, you can go all out and get yourself a Vi-King Kong Kolada cocktail so that you truly feel at home with your Viking ancestors. While their dessert selection is rather delicate for a Viking to consume, there is nothing wrong with eating it before anyone notices - just stuff it in your mouth real quick. Also, if you attend the opening at the beginning of next month, you’ll get a special performance by Malak El Husseiny to celebrate a new era of Viking Restaurants.We know we’ve said Viking way too many times, but bear with us, it's kind of important. The restaurant is changing the way we experience food through their new interior concept, and they will be renovating their existing branches to reflect the same atmosphere in Heliopolis and Rehab City. Having nearly 11 years of experience in the food industry, the restaurant hopes to be renowned for offering exquisite food, while anchored to a memorable surrounding. Now we recommend that you get into the spirit and find your best sartorial representation of a Viking to wear to the opening. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get in, or that you won't be arrested for wielding a massive sword, but it’s a fun idea nonetheless.

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