Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Winter is Coming! Warm Up at New Cairo’s Bourbon Bar, the Newest, Coziest Bar in Town!

Bourbon bar has just opened in New Cairo and it is the perfect place to while away those winter blues. We think it may be the perfect place for some #MonkeyBusiness.

Staff Writer

As the scorching desert sun makes way for cool winter winds, New Cairo has been gifted a smashing new place to get your drink on. For all those feeling blue now that summer is well-and-truly gone, Billy Rizk and Karim Attalah's Bourbon bar provides warm tones, ambient lighting, and an abundance of fellow boozers with whom to create cheer in the gloomy winter months after a drab or stressful day at work.

And as an extra kick for those who have developed square eyes after staring at a computer screen all day is the drinkery’s ice machine, which creates ice in spherical form filled with alcoholic shots. Indeed, this quirky venue, decked with candles, customised bottles, and MONKEYS (!), desires nothing of its punters but saying ma3 el-salama to the chilly outdoors and leaving the day’s work behind.As its name may suggest, Bourbon appreciates a good whiskey, and presents the ‘Bourbon Godfather’, its signature smoke-infused cocktail, to all those who hold the American liquor in high esteem. But for those who are averse to Mark Twain’s favourite tipple, Bourbon also serves beer, sangria, and vodka-based cocktails.
Not content with simply providing a stellar collection of inebriates, Bourbon bar also offers hearty comfort foods to compliment one’s beverage – expect sliders, sizzlers, and skewers, as well as these beef teriyaki bad boys filled with Emmental cheese:For everyone in need of a relaxing, friendly setting to tone down the intensity of a business meeting, Bourbon also serves coffee and a range of salads, pastas, and main dishes – perfect for lunch. Looks like winter in New Cairo will be filled with #BourbonTimes at its new favourite neighborhood bar!

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