Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Wasfa Saree’a: Rapid Fire Recipes with PepsiCo Egypt (Chipsy Suhoor

This is the Ratatouille’s cheese and grapes but like, Pepsi-fied.

Farida El Shafie

Wasfa Saree’a: Rapid Fire Recipes with PepsiCo Egypt (Chipsy Suhoor

PepsiCo Egypt and Scene Eats present ‘Wasfa Saree’a’ - a crunchy new take on cult classic dishes, hosted by chef Marwa Mehanna (Episode Three: Chipsy Suhoor Sandwiches).

There has never been an incident where a sandwich sat - in all its ingredient-dense glory - atop a freshly washed plate without a companion of sorts. Dear viewers, you’ve witnessed this first hand. You’ve personally started prepping suhoor sandwiches only to realise that a bag of salted Chipsy has magically spawned into existence. It is almost as though the combination is divinely ordained, inscribed in constellations and co-signed by the greys. Perhaps it is the nostalgia that imposes itself in fistfuls of Chipsy, or perhaps a soupy 3 AM sandwich needs a crunchy snack to undercut the soggy mess created.

In this episode of Wasfa Saree’a, PepsiCo Egypt and Scene Eats partnered with chef Marwa Mehanna to walk us down memory lane and upgrade your suhoor sandwiches with an array of Chipsy flavours.