Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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We Have No Choice but to Stan This 65-Year-Old Food Blogger

Baking kahk, traditional Egyptian dishes, and Upper Egyptian recipes, Mama Baraka is a one-woman show.

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Who of us, in 2021, doesn’t dream of being undeservingly super-internet famous, regardless of talent. Just sheer influencer-esque fame for no apparent reason. However, for the little of us who do actually have semblances of talent, conquering the internet comes almost naturally. This is true for the cutest, and also our new favorite food blogger, Mabrouka Yassin, or “Mama Baraka.”

Mabrouka Yassin is a 65-year-old Egyptian woman who turned her passion for cooking and all things kitchen-related, into a perfectly timed internet debut. Preparing meals for her family and friends, Mama Baraka has dominated the kitchen ever since she was 15 years old. Raising three children as a badass single supermom, she took on life by the reigns and put aside her passions to focus on family with the help of her mother. However, after her mother’s untimely passing, Mama Baraka fell into a dark place where only her passion for the kitchen and her soon-to-be-reality dreams pulled her out of depression.

With the help of her kids’ internet know-hows, cue Marvel superhero soundtrack, Mama Baraka kickstarted her YouTube channel. Her impassioned online debut was what brought her to our attention- a Eid Kahk video just in time for Eid El Fitr (hello market-research kween). She also shares classic Mama Egyptian recipes, as well as honours her Beni Suef roots by cooking all sorts of traditional Southern dishes, and talking about Upper Egypt’s customs and traditions.

Rockstar Mama Baraka has many dreams, beyond the internet- she dreams of having her own TV show targeting the youth to bring light to the secrets of old Egyptian cooking and help them prepare simple and delicious home-made dishes at super affordable costs.

Besides teaching us how to gorgeous yummy sugary buttery kahk, Mama Baraka has something far more important to say- no matter what our age, circumstances, or seemingly far-fetched our personal hopes and dreams may seem, they’re super within reach if you pursue them hard enough.