Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Quiz: What Vivo's Gourmet Pizza Topping Are You?

Have you ever laid in bed for hours in deep thought about what pizza topping best describes who you really are?

Staff Writer

In a tremendous turn of events, our editors found themselves dining at The Nile Ritz Carlton's Vivo, a rich and rustic Italian cuisine overlooking the beautiful Nile River. It was our lucky day, as Italian 2-Michelin starred Chef Oliver Glowig, the only starred Michelin chef in all of Egypt for that matter, was unveiling his brand new gourmet pizza menu inspired by his native Rome. As we devoured slice after delicious slice of pizza with crumbs streaming down our faces, one of our writers proposed a question that left us a bit stumped. If you had to be any gourmet topping out of the ones on our scrumptious pizzas, which one would you be? A stirring question at that, and to save you the deep contemplation you would have to undergo to decipher which topping you are most alike to, we have created a quick quiz to tell you exactly which flavour adding layering particle you are.