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What Your Favourite Eid Delicacy Says About You

Ever wondered what your favorite Eid baked good says about you? Neither have we but it sure was fun dissecting each dish to let you know just how psychologically entrenched your eating habits are.


You’re the person who makes sure people know that medium-well steak is the ONLY way steak should be consumed. Well, because you are a culinary cona-sewer with a taste for the finer things in life. You’re also slightly basic, we don’t make the rules. 


Your idea of dessert is a Snickers bar, and for that, you get a high five because that is the only correct answer. Jokes aside, you’re probably only here for the texture and the less sugar-coma-esque vibes of plain kahk. 

Bascot borto'an stans, where you at?


Let’s face it you’re here for the Malban bestie, you just couldn’t wait till ‘mold el naby’ (pbuh) and this was the next best thing. Frankly speaking, you’re not wrong, these babies are a Eid staple for a reason, they’re chewy, they’re soft and they’re the perfect dose of sweetness to seal your Eid celebrations.  


You’re probably in your late 50s and your Quality Street tin has a 15-year-old sewing kit but that doesn’t matter because you are going to dip your orangey biscuits in shai bel laban and you’re going to enjoy this Eid. 


Not a Eid staple by any means, you can literally just waltz into your local supermarket and grab this, yet it somehow always makes it onto your Eid sofra? She’s a classic, and just like Air Forces, she somehow always stays, even when it’s not her season.  

You're obvi hot if you're into petit four bel chocolata


You’re not really a fan of Eid desserts, you literally just came for the chocolate and we respect you for that. There are no false pretenses, just pure Cadbury vibes. We stan.  


We weren’t quite sure how to anglicise this so bear with us, thank you. Either way, if petit four bel chocolata is your favourite then you are a) hot and b) love your tea unsweetened with the bag in. 


This is top tier, you are correct. Much like this jam-encrusted gloriousness, you also like your donuts brimming with raspberry jam because, next to glazes, they’re the best choice. Always.