Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Where to Find the Best Creme Brûlée in Egypt

Because life is too short not to eat dessert first, here are 9 spots in Egypt serving the most decadent cracking creme brûlée.

Riham Issa

Where to Find the Best Creme Brûlée in Egypt

In the aftermath of the New Year’s sugary confections, our poor palates are seeking solace in the familiar comfort of classic light desserts. So, in our pursuit of this culinary delight, we got lost in the velvety dreamy clouds of the Creme Brûlée. 

Perhaps it was the sheer pleasurable satisfaction we felt upon gently cracking its paper-thin layer of caramelised sugar with the back of our little spoons, or how the sensuous simple vanilla custard with its decadently creamy texture had survived the low-fat movement and managed to fend off a coup of tiramisus. 

Irrespective of the main reason behind our resolute infatuation with the classic French creation, the three-ingredient delectable concoction –whether adorned with delicate hints of orange zest or scooped in lemon shells, has mysteriously revived our taste buds. 

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best nine spots across Egypt serving creme brûlée so rich that it will take your body, heart, and soul on a blissful joyride one spoonful at a time.


Sarayat and Degla, Maadi 

A beloved Maadi staple, which has been fueling our flaky cravings, their buttery delicacies, Ratios’ classic creme brûlée –served in petit monogrammed ramekins– is meticulously well balanced in both flavour and texture.

Mo Bistro 

Branches all over Egypt 

A rich pool of creamy custard faintly laced with the smokey taste of burned sugar, Mo Bistro’s quality creme brûlée is what we call ending dinner on a high note.

Crimson Grill & Bar 

Branches all over Egypt 

Served in a freshly sliced pineapple and torched to crispy perfection, Crimson’s tropical creme brûlée (coupled with one too many glass coupes of wine of course) serves as the perfect sharable dessert for your gurlies night out.


Branches all over Egypt 

A golden bed of luxurious creamy goodness beautifully garnished with a mixture of fresh seasonal fruits, Bocca’s cast pan creme brûlée is a sight for the sore eyes.


Branches all over Egypt

On Wednesdays, we don’t wear pink anymore. Instead, we indulge in the sweet delicacy of Laudree’s creme brûlée while sipping on our afternoon tea and admiring the elegant mint green interiors of the renowned French Maison. 


Branches all over Egypt 

Catering to our Amelie’s fever daydreams, Gaby’s creme brûlée with a glistening delicate crust of caramelised sugar crunch is waiting to be cracked with the back of our spoons. 


District 5 and MIVIDA, New Cairo & Marassi, North Coast

One for a spectacle, Pattini serves up their sumptuous creme brûlée in little golden orbs of lemon shells, before blasting the crust with a kitchen blowtorch till crispy perfection in front of your eyes baby. 


Almazah, Heliopolis 

Rossini’s delicious vanilla creme brûlée is spiced up with enough citrusy orange zest to whisk away all your blues.