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Where to Get the Most Badass Bagels in Cairo

Nothing will get your morning ready like a good bagel. And we know just the places to get it…

It’s 10 AM and your weekend shower is well underway. The kettle is a brewin while you finish scrubbing the sins of last night's bad decisions. But now you need sustenance - and nothing will get your morning ready like a good bagel. And we know just the places to get it…

Bagels and Bakery | Giza 

She’s a boujee bagel babie, she’s that caviar encrusted, brown toasted, and smoked salmon-ed princesses of bagels and we’re living for it. If you’re a Taurus with a taste for the finer things in life then Bagels and Bakery is a sure fire way to meet your exorbitant demands. 

Bun n’ Glaze | Heliopolis 

A classic in the realm of pastries, Bun n Glaze’s bagels - much like the rest of their glorious line-up of goods - offers those doughy, creamy bagels that punctuate every subconscious image of bagel consumption in mass media. 

Two Spoons | New Cairo

Two Spoons is that restaurant you go to because its designated weekly family time and the generational gaps are heightened and no one knows whether to go for feteer, foul or chicken and waffles. So bestie, next time you’re forced to decide on behalf of the whole fam, just remember that Two Spoons does in fact exist. 

Jared’s Bagels | Maadi

A list of bagels would not be complete without the master himself - Jared’s Bagels. Babe no, this ain’t basic, it's classic, let’s reframe our train of thought, and let’s unpack why we think so low of the basics? There’s nothing Jared’s can’t do with grace and Philadelphia cheese. 


Eddie’s Kitchen | Delivery Only 

Hey you home-bound babies, don’t think we forgot about you. Eddie’s Kitchen is the place you call when it’s late and all you need is the comforting embrace of cream cheese and raisin bagel.