Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Whisk N Bake: This Bakery Wants You to Eat Brownies and Only That

You get a brownie, you get a brownie, y'all get brownies.

Scene Eats

Desserts are becoming more and more creative, with unpronounceable names and secret ingredients dominating the food industry every day. Like, the basic brownie doesn’t even sound that tempting anymore! Well… Whisk N Bake definitely says otherwise.

Providing the gooiest, softest, and most flavorsome brownies ever, Whisk N Bake seems to be on a mission (a successful one at that), to make this OG dessert timeless. But it doesn’t just end here. A hint of modernity is also included in the picture with their hot chocolate bombs, which slowly unleash a burst of rich chocolate into the warm milk surrounding it. You should definitely order yours now because winter is slowly saying buhbye!

For delivery options you have to be one of the lucky residents of New Cairo or Heliopolis, other than that we sadly suggest you just go admire their food and drool over it from afar. #sorrynotsorry.