Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Who on Earth is De3bes?

Word on the street is that the elusive De3bes has set up shop in Sahel and is ready to feed you his delicious Egyptian and Lebanese cuisines in his balady chic shop. We find out more about the enigmatic man...

Staff Writer

A ubiquitous name we’ve heard through the grape vine over and over again this summer, De3bes isn’t a fashion blogger, he isn’t a fitness expert and he isn’t #Instafamous. Having set up shop in Sahel for the summer, you’re certainly going to be seeing a lot of De3bes and Sons – and no, they’re not the latest Shaabi sensation, neither. De3bes, ladies and gentleman, is the man behind your beachside eats this Ramadan, the 3omda of your appetite, if you wil…

Balady chic floral table cloths, a stern portrait of the man himself on the wall, and technicolour food packaging encasing the true flavours of Egypt with a modern twist define De3bes’ mission to get us munching. Rumour has it De3bes himself is a giant man and had to ditch his hantoor because the horses just couldn’t carry him, so were sure his food good – we mean, how else could he get that big? He was thought to have worked as a barista at a milkshake bar as well as an oriental food cook during his travels. Others believe De3bes invented Nutella-stuffed zalabia after a stint working as a pastry chef in Hurghada, while another story says her married a Lebanese woman in the 70s and founded the first ever shawerma shop Alexandria. Whatever you choose to believe, you better believe it’s delicious.

Already operational, the restaurant that De3bes always dreamed of carrying his name is the jewel of his eye, and will become a regular fixture on the Sahel circuit for those looking for a chilled out place to kick back, eat top notch authentic Egyptian and Lebanese food and soak up some calm vibes in and otherwise hectic North Coast, with a shisha in one hand a cool drink in the other. The perfect spot for a post-beach bite before a big night out, De3bes’ shawerma is famous up and down the coast. Open until 6AM, it’s also a perfect meeting spot for after the after party, for a good meal before heading to bed and doing it all over again the next night – and De3bes swears that only the fool from his cart works to cure that infamous Sahel hangover.

With a popcorn cart, fresh desserts, fresh juices and a true Egyptian atmosphere, De3bes is a family-friendly man too and will be happy to feed you and your kids between swims. Standing proud at the entrance of Hacienda, if you see some camera flashes there this summer, you’ll know De3bes himself is in the building!

Find out more about De3bes & Sons on their Instagram here.