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Ya Dala3o: Catering on a Boat

Boat caterers Ya Dala3o will help you overcome your fear of sailing with irresistible food seduction.

Eating anywhere, at any point of the day, under any circumstances, is never a bad idea – not even if it’s your first time in the white-shark-infested-open-water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If anything, food would probably comfort you in this time of distress – facing one’s own mortality is always more manageable with your mouth full, don’t you find?

How can we stomach all those long perilous sails in the stormy seas of Gouna? It’s quite simple, actually: our fears of drowning, getting mauled by a marine predator, or, even worse, getting marooned on a deserted island, all dissipate the minute our eyes fall on Ya Dala3o’s scrumptious delectables! And we are talking about scrumptious delectables that just land on deck through no packing or preparation of our own, mind you!

“When you come to Gouna, you end up going to restaurants to buy enough food for your boat trip; it’s a hassle!” Founder Kim El Narsh tells CairoScene. “We provide a wide array of finger foods and dips.”

Meanwhile, as you are stuffing your face with all sorts of food, your alcoholism at sea is enabled. “We can hook you up with ice boxes, mixers, etc.,” El Narsh adds. Now you can finally live to see what being a drunken sailor is like.

But life can be unpredictable at times; one day you’re on top of the world, and the next you can’t even afford your own yacht, and the sea is no less volatile. What if you do end up on that deserted island we talked about? Your only friend and your rock of stability in this wilderness is Ya Dala3o. “In two months, we will be launching our very own BBQ service; we can even set it up on any of the islands,” El Narsh says. So, now do you know what three things you'd bring with you to a deserted island? A friend, a phone, and Ya Dala3o.

Ya Dala3o saves lives by filling bellies with bites of heaven, and if you’re ever lost at sea and you manage to keep your phone from getting wet and have cell reception – highly unlikely – we can’t imagine they’d mind sending you a rescue party with food!

Check out Ya Dal3ao on Facebook.