Saturday June 10th, 2023
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You Won't Believe It But This Cart's Only Purpose Is Poppin' Champagne

“You always need a bottle of champagne for celebrations.”

Scene Eats

We were thirsty for something new when we stumbled upon The Champagne Cart at the opening of Maison 69’s latest flagship store in New Cairo, which offered just that and more. Equipped with a number of champagne brands, glasses filled to the brim with berries, and a big banquet of sweet bites, the cart seemed immediately instagrammable. After having one (or two) of their sweet elixir, we just had to talk to founder, Ninetr El Ghazawy about the concept.

“You always need a bottle of champagne for celebrations,” El Ghazawy told #SceneEats. “Proposal, graduation, bachelor, bachelorette, wedding; you always do the cheers. I was thinking why don’t we use this as an official event?” 

From her perspective, champagne has always been synonymous with happy moments, and the idea behind The Champagne Cart has been brewing in El Ghazawy’s mind for years before it came to completion. However, in her 10 years of working as an interior designer, she had never received the number of compliments that she did for launching the cart. 

People would say “Perfect concept! Finally someone is thinking outside the box!” she added. “Since I’m an interior designer, I designed the cart myself. I did a mock-up at my office and was serving on it. I decided that it was the perfect height and perfect size. People love it. It looks like a car, and there’s a bell that rings as well. You press for champagne, the cart makes a beat, and this is how you order.”

For international champagne, El Ghazawy goes with Moët and Chandon, and she hopes one day to pop a Veuve Clicquot or Dom Pérignon, and as for local champagne, she serves Le Baron. She usually mixes between local and imported brands. A special menu is in store with candy, strawberries, blueberries, sorbet, and soon, Egyptian caviar and champagne jello shots!