Monday December 11th, 2023
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Yugo Brings Asia’s Culinary Favs to the North Coast

You can now have gyozas, Buddha bowls and okra fries without having to go to three different restaurants.

Kurt Galalah

Gyozas? Crispy noodles? Okra fries? You don't have to go to three different restaurants to have these dishes anymore because Yugo has washed up on the shores of Sahel to bring you Asia's culinary favs. 

The name comes from the word ''fusion'' in Japanese because that's what the eatery is all about, fusing the best parts of Asia with one another for your kersh's best interest. Nestled away inside Hacienda White, Yugo makes for a perf post-swim meal where you get to devour Buddha bowls, bonbons and wontons all at the same time. 

Yugo plans on opening its first Cairo branch in Tagamo3 as soon as summer szn ends so y'all can have your fill of Asia all year long. In other words, get your chopsticks ready, hunties.