Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Yumamia is Starting a Junk-Free Food Movement and Delivering it to Your Home And Office

The innovative healthy food delivery app pushes one step further for a junk-free Egypt.

Staff Writer

Yumamia is an Egyptian startup that’s the dream come true of every busy professional, hungry millennial, and just about anyone else who’s sick of the constant upset stomach resulting from the misery of fast food.

One of the delicious offerings on their app.

Now, the innovative app is pushing their clean eating ideals a step further with a new campaign, “#MshKefayaJunk?” The movement aims to wake Egyptians up about the downsides of the fast food they’ve become so accustomed to ordering during long office days.

The company started out by giving regular Egyptians a platform to cook and sell their homemade deliciousness through. However, starting in January of this year, Yumamia started working through professionally licensed kitchens, yet their homemade style and quality didn’t fade.

Their meats have no more than 5% fat, while the minced beef they use is 80% pure beef and 20% fat (still miles better than the 55-45 ratio at most 'junk' restaurants). They use an array of fresh ingredients for their salads, which are always nutritionally balanced and topped off with homemade, not processed sauces. Even their cheddar cheese is natural!

Insaity Burger

Quality only gets better with Yumamia too, as their Food Innovation Team works tirelessly to improve, master, and perfect their recipes to ensure customers fall in love with every bite of their food.

They just started delivering to Maadi recently, and now they cover delivery to almost all of Cairo, and you can expect your food in 60 minutes or less, just like your average fast food place. Unlike fast food though, you can track your healthy meal through a GPS tracking system on their app.

Indian Butter Chicken

Yumamia has made waves in the Egyptian food scene, becoming the Uber of food with their quick ordering process and affordable prices. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, as the company received recognition by Forbes as one of the top 100 Arab startups.

Orders can be placed online via their website or their smartphone app.
You can check out their Facebook page here or their Instagram here.