Sunday April 14th, 2024
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A New Heliopolis Place Has Just Opened and It's All About Appetizers

With a massive menu full of all-day goodies, this place is like a diner that delivers party snacks any time.

Staff Writer

A New Heliopolis Place Has Just Opened and It's All About Appetizers

As Egyptians, we know food's in our blood… and our bellies. Catered for the peckish, but not exclusively, Zakuski is “The First specialised appetizers store offering the widest range of delightful products for you to enjoy all day” according to their Instagram bio - and we believe them, "taking a quick look at the menu, we can already tell how impressed our guests are going to be. It's like a modern Egyptian deli that delivers."

“Our Slogan is early bite, mid-day snack, evening appetizers. You can walk into Zakuski anytime during the day and have your high-quality bite,” says Peter Ghobrial, the man that made this all happen.

With dishes named “The Hulk Salad” and products called “Magic Mushrooms”, “Dorito Burrito”, and “Smoky Ducky”, Zakuski isn't half-arsing any department. They want their food to be as fun to say as they are to eat. Don’t worry, if the crazy names are too brave for your taste, they also list the straightforward dishes no one would dream of renaming. We don't care how many words you put together, you can’t make Grilled Cajun Chicken sound sexier than it already does.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner time and you're craving pastry and a hot beverage or a full on three-course meal equivalent, they have you covered. Cold drinks, desserts, the whole shabang. If that wasn't enough to wet your appetite, what Egyptian food establishment would be complete without a delivery service? We recommend you prescribe yourself a dose of adventure and sample what can only be classed as food porn. Our house party game will never be the same again. 

Be sure to check out their wonders on Instagram here or their menu on Facebook here