Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Zayka Will Ruin Regular Shawerma for You with Their Sujuk

We're all over beef or chicken anyway.

Badreya Electroneya

We’re all shawerma stans over here and this spot we just stumbled upon might’ve single handedly elevated our love for the iconic dish. If you don’t already know, Zayka is the cloud service changing the Egyptian shawerma game, totally leaving her peers shook.  

The main star at Zayka happens to be sujuk shawerma

The new brand stands out because it puts the spotlight on sausage shawarma, which is something you rarely see at shawarma joints. You either get beef or chicken, sometimes even both at the same time, but never sujuk. And that is exactly why we’re over the moon because who wouldn’t want a suju sandwich or fattah right now?  

Their fattah is to die for 

Zayka also makes interesting dessert sandwiches out of string halawa, heavy cream and honey. Now that’s definitely something you’ve got to try. To place an order you can simply DM @zaykashawermaeg or contact them via WhatsApp on +2 0106 0546 070.