Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Get a Grand Quality Feast Delivered Straight to Your Door in Sahel

With so few options for delivery by the sea, Crave more than makes up for it all.

Staff Writer

We’ve more than established that Sahel is the place to be for any would-be weekender in Cairo and beyond. But no matter how far time and tech take us, the pickings for folks wanting to chow down on a professionally-cooked spread are kind of slim, especially when all you want to do is laze in the comfort of your own little beachside haven.

Thanks to Crave’s patented ‘Ready to Serve’ menu, however, you don’t have to worry about scrounging for a place to deliver, neither will you have to worry about quantity. Instead of having to fork over your hard-earned moneybucks for a dozen separate meals, you can order an entire smorgasbord of flavour for much less.

You and your group don’t have to worry about getting a dozen individual servings anymore; ordering an item off the Ready to Serve menu gets you enough to feed any size gathering. All packed and wrapped to keep it fresh, complete with a neat little stand and little candles to keep it warm throughout.

Can you really say no to a pile of steak and mushroom pasta? A mountain of chilli shrimps with a side of mashed potatoes? Look us in the eye and tell us you don’t want that tub of lemon chicken with a side of glass noodles. We thought so.

So if you find yourself in Sahel and you need to wow the crowd with a culinary explosion unlike any other, give old Crave a call on 01022287141 and leave the rest to the experts.

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Food styling by Flavour Republic.