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This New Heliopolis Restaurant Finds the Balance Between Fast Food and Fine Dining

For when you want a quick meal with friends but junk food isn't your thing, Red Bird is your go to.

While we love getting all dolled up and splurging on a fancy dinner on Friday night, every now and then we opt for something a little more chill; especially at the end of a long working week. Newly opened Heliopolis fast-dining restaurant Red Bird is just that. Serving their meals on disposable plates and cutlery, they've got an international menu featuring all of our favorite classics; but with Red Bird's chef Hassan Hamed adding his own flair to the recipes. 

At first glance, the restaurant looks more like an odd sort of cafe with graffiti emblazoned on the outside wall. Upon entering though, it has more of a pub vibe. It's neither however, as it's been designed to give off that industrial feel. Founder Hisham Attia creates a fast dining experience minus the unflattering fast food lighting and tacky interior. “We’re trying to be the middle ground between fast food and fine dining, even in terms of the design. So we made sure that the lighting was low and not the unflattering type of light that's usually in fast food place. And the design and lighting are done in a way that the place looks different at night than it does in the morning," says Attia.

They've even introduced homemade biscuits into their menu, and so far they're keeping the recipe a secret. Their biscuits see diners constantly coming back for more of the sweet treat."Every person who’s tried them says they've reminded them of their childhood. And the introduction of these biscuits was actually coincidental. We make them at home usually. So we brought them in to do a taste test, offered samples and people loved them and kept coming back for more,” explains Attia. “ They say it reminds them of the biscuits that used to be distributed in schools when they were kids."

The biscuits aren't the only thing that'll keep us coming back though. Their overall vibe is laid back with a mix of old school music playing in the background; everything from jazz to oriental remixes. As for the name, Atteya and his team came up with it once the design was done. “It was inspired by the design. We used a lot of red. And we wanted this to be a place where people make memories. And birds for me, are equated with memories," says Attia.

Opening on weekdays from 10 AM to 1 AM and on weekends from 10 AM to 2 AM, this is the spot to go for a quick bite with friends. And if halfway through your meal you decide you don't even like these friends that much, well you just pack up your plastic plate and pull off a good ol' Irish goodbye.

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