Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Put Your Fork Down, Because UAE Foodie Favourite Jones the Grocer is Opening in Cairo

Gourmet food? Walk-in cheese room? Artisnal groceries? Yes please.

Staff Writer

Yes, the self-proclaimed ‘unconventional grocery store, café and cheese room’ that you’ve seen plastered across all of your dainty Dubai friends’ Instagram accounts is set to land in Egypt, with its first branch opening at Galleria40 in Sheikh Zayed.

With 20 branches across the UAE (as well as five more in Qatar, Cambodia and Singapore), Jones the Grocer stands as one the most popular dining franchises in the Emirates, gaining a huge and hungry following for its precise combination of top-notch gourmet dining and a casual, easy setting – a combination that started way back when in 1996 in Australia, where it first opened as a simple eatery that served artisan dishes.

Almost half-a-century later, its signature walk-in cheese rooms, communal dining tables, show kitchens and exclusive gourmet, private-label groceries have come to define it as one of the most unique examples of the fine art of dining across the Middle East.

While little information has been released about the details of Cairo’s first branch thus far, if it lives up to the gastronomic glory of its other branches, then Cairenes are in for a treat – and a new venue that is much more than a restaurant and store. One of its standout features since arriving in the Middle East has been its regular cooking classes, which cater to both adults and children, while covering a range of different dishes and cuisines.

Though no confirmed opening date has been disclosed in this hot-out-of-the-oven news, a special signing ceremony is set to seal the deal this week, where it’s expected that more details will be announced. Stay tuned…

Photos courtesy of Jones the Grocer