Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Penny's Fruit Bouquets Warms the Heart with Edible Art

Roses are red, violets are blue... And now you can eat them.

Staff Writer

“The fact is we’re always looking for something different.” This is what it says on Penny’s Fruit Bouquets Facebook page, and it is so true. Creative food businesses are booming everywhere, and we always want more expanding our options endlessly.

The best things ever are those that bloom out of a hobby, and this is exactly what Penny’s does. “I never thought of it as a business, it’s more of a hobby because I really enjoy what I do,” says Lobna Anwar AKA Penny.

Why buy someone a plain bouquet of flowers when you can get them a brilliant edible bouquet of sweet red roses? It would be a much more sensual experience. The roses, like all the rest of her products, are made with gum paste, which is made of marshmallow, gold syrup, and glucose and shaped by Penny herself.

Anwar started Penny’s in 2012, after she invested in her creativity and artistic skills by teaching herself to hone her craft through online tutorials. She taught herself fruit and vegetable carving and gelatin art.  “I wish I had studied art at university,” said the passionate owner who works mostly alone, from her own home. However, she is indeed an artist.

Her best sellers are the figures of flowers and roses that are all the rage. They taste like fondant and icing. We think you can never have too much fondant, whether on its own or as beautiful decoration for a delicious cake.  

She also spares no details, adding to the appeal of her creations that will delight adults and children alike, whether in the form of sheer fondant or a cake.

Speaking of cakes, there are no limits to what Penny can create. You just need to order 48 hours in advance, and you’ve got it. She makes wedding cakes, children's cakes and cakes tailored specifically for certain people with a humorous edge. You can even give her a photo of someone and she could make a cartoonish cake based on them.

So where do her creations get that charming look? “I do everything with love” says Anwar genuinely with the warmth of an artist and a foodie.

Call her at 01096966177, or drop her an e-mail.

Check out more of her creations on her Facebook page