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17 Places in Cairo to Get Your Summertime Swimwear

Men and women alike all know that finding the perfect swimsuit is an endless pursuit. We've got your back... And your bum, and your boobs and anything else that could use with a little accentuating...

Got that summertime, summertime sadness? No you don’t, no one gets sad in the summer, the summer’s freaking great. The hell you on about Lana? Eh ya bett, eh shoghl Amina Rizk da? Summer da hayel. The only reason you’d have to be a little melancholy in this season of beaches and more beaches is if you can’t find an awesome swimsuit to show off your formet el Sahel in. Uhhh, I didn’t put in all those hours of sweat and hair plastered to my face and awkward encounters with people post-gym where you’re worried they get a little too close lest they smell your marvellous workout scent, to NOT be able to flounce around the beach in a gorgeous swimsuit. But where to find these marvellous creations that will transform you into a Gisele-esque seaside creature? Okay. Let’s be honest you’ll never look like Gisele but you can get your hands on a myriad of swimwear in this city actually. While a few years ago we may have been noticeably lacking in the swimwear department, now we got options! OPTIONS! Whether it's local boutiques or brands, or high street names, you no longer have to do all your swimsuit shopping abroad. Here’s your comprehensive guide to where you can get your swimsuits before you head up the coast!

1. Saya Swimwear

The local brand hand makes all their swimsuits, and it's all romantic minimalism and unique cuts. 

2. WakiShop

Look, these swimsuits that looks like bras from the 60s got attacked by the rainbow are all the rage right now and Wakishop has got them aplenty. 

3. Quiksilver/Roxy

Going back to the basics. Throwback to the good ol' early noughties with a healthy dose of surfer cool. Not that we can surf or anything but the important thing is to give the illusion of surfer cool. Plus they've got guys covered too. 

4. Vintage Boutique

Sure none of the swimsuits are actually vintage but let's just say that's a good thing. No ones wants to wear someone's old bikini. You know, unless you're into that kind of thing... 

5. Kerrat

A whole lotta monokinis and plunging necklines and cutout in their Cruise Collection. Opa you will be so avant garde. You really will though. 

6. El Sastre

Last year these guys took the city by storm with their men's swimming trunks; good quality, cool cut. This year they've got a limited number of pieces left - no, quite literally, limited as in five - featured at Beymen. We suggest you run. 

7. Agrodolce

In the future, we shall wear all things silver. Start now; when the alien invasion happens they'll embrace you faster. Also, where else can guys get Abercombie & Fitch swimming trunks in Egypt? You're welcome.  

8. Babyposh

Because babies in swimsuits are freaking adorable. 

9. The Dressing Room

They feature swimwear for guys and girls and from a myriad of different brands. Plus they're opening in Diplo 3 in Sahel this summer, which makes your life easier. Question: do we get to keep the genetically superior humans in the photos wearing the swimsuits? 

10. Timberland

So as it turns out, Timberland has more than chunky cool boots.

11. Accessorize

Itsy bitsy swimsuits for itsy bitsy people. They're so small they're practically accessories. 

12. Victoria's Secret

Hey listen, Victoria's Secret isn't all absurdly gorgeous women in tiny pieces of fabric. It's also absurdly gorgeous women in slightly more fabric. And you won't look like they do in the photo; just a quick disclaimer. You can find the stores in Cairo Festival City and City Stars. 

13. Beymen Cairo

For the fancypants humans out there. Perhaps after you shop you can go grab yourself some gold leaf Chipsy. 

14. Ego

More gold leaf Chipsy please. Only brand names here but quality always trumps when it comes to find the perfect swimsuit.

15. Topshop

Retro is the new black apparently. But we're not sure how well those high waist bottoms would look on our childbearing hips.  

16. H&M

By the time you get there you will only find size 44 left. We're just being honest. Head to City Stars, Dandy Mall, or their Mohandiseen branch to get your hands on whatever's left because they sell out like Kim Kardashian selling hugs. 

16. Talalya 

Once upon a time if you wore something that looked that your grandma had knitted it, that wasn't a positive. But now crochet is cool again and this brand does it beautifully with entirely handmade pieces. Also, they do babywear and there is a baby in a crocheted mermaid costume. If this doesn't make you die of a cuteness overload then you need to rethink your life. 

17. Yanaju Gallery

They've got a cute selection of one piece swimsuits - the ones without the crazy dramatic cut-outs that require you to have a supermodel figure - so if you're not a huge fan of your not-so-flat tummy these help suck it right in!