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16 Brilliant Designers to Look Out For at the 7th Cairo Fashion Festival

Every piece by these visionaries is laced and woven with creativity; the least we can say is that they will be redefining our idea of fashion at this year's Cairo Fashion Festival.

The Egyptian fashion scene blossomed from the studios and workshops of designers with golden hands and sheer unmatchable talents. Who would've thought that we're already reaching our 7th season of the Cairo Fashion Festival, taking the city by storm this weekend as beautifully adorned socialites and celebrities grace the Cairo Festival City Mall red carpet, in its enchanting 3D Broadway theatre theme, and the Abdelaziz sisters make a graceful appearance. No fashion festival can even happen without a runway show lined with gorgeous models bedecked in signature pieces; this year, Moroccan-born fashion and design prodigy Said Mahrouf will be coming to Egypt for the first time ever to attend, as well as the ingenious Marmar Halim whose work strolled through the whole world's red carpets. We'll be seeing some of our favourite Middle Eastern and international brands with their newest FW'16/17 and SS'17 congeries, as well as some of Egypt's biggest fashion bloggers who'll be turning DHL T-shirts into sartorial masterpieces, and Egyptian designers tailor making impressive apparel using the DHL logo and colours. Of course, these guys over here could make a potato sack look good... 

Said Mahrouf

Mahrouf studied at both the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy and New York's Pratt Institute, and can be considered an encyclopedia for fashion and pret-a-porter. With a background in costume design, his pieces are a perfect blend between bold and delicate femininity.
Marmar Halim

Guess whose designs Skylar Grey was wearing this year at the Suicide Squad premier in Hollywood? Yup, Halim's gorgeous, classy, glamorous, black gown.
Sara El Razaz

El Razaz's work oozes pure dedication – a reflection of an ambitious woman with tons of creativity, inspired by a plethora of materials, fabrics, patterns, and cuts. 
An international favourite, Timberland is going to sending some of this year's grungiest and classiest looks up and down the runway.
Marks and Spencer

The infamous British line will be showcasing some of their finest looks for the classiest ladies, because we'd all love to see the Marks and Spencer catalogues come to life.

Colours, patterns, and cuts all come together in Orientally inspired, authentically Egyptian creations.
May El Gamel
May El Gamel's designs are a mix of classic looks and modern touches, like staring into a captivating abstract painting. 

Norine Farah

Farah made it to the 2015 New York Fashion Week, and this year, she was nominated in the World Fashion Week in Paris. Her designs are never anything short of feminine, delicate, and classy.

Emseralda Radwan

Could the designer's name and the model's look have anything to do with The Hunchback of Notre Dam? Maybe that's because Radwan has a background in filmmaking.

Sara Iskander

Iskander's designs are unique in their consistent search for creating contours and straight lines, and at the same time adding metallic touches in gold and silver – it's sexy, royal, and totally geeky in its own fashionable way!

Vivian Moawad

An Instituto Marangoni graduate an London College of Fashion alumnus, Moawad is as much of a painter as she is a fashion designer – her patterns, colour combinations, and those models and backgrounds, you'd think she's working a canvas.

Ahmed Saedi

Maison Saedi's enticing collections define the perfect cross between details and quality – his designs go from wedding gowns to everyday wear.
Zak Couture

Zak Couture is an epitome of everything a woman would want to wear – perhaps the result of the universe's fashion stars aligning.
Mariem Adel
If Mariem Adel's designs tell us anything, it's how far a woman's imagination can wander to fuse the vintage and the sexy.
Sara Onsi
Fly and foxy, Onsi's peculiar and iconic creations ooze a strange spin on elegance you can't find elsewhere.
For more details on CFF – their program, and schedule, and exact location – visit their event page.