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19 Year-Old Dolly Yanny Releases Dolls Lashes, Egypt's Newest Eyelash Brand

The young makeup artist began her professional makeup journey at the age of 15.

While some girls begin to discover and fall in love with makeup at a young age, others make it their passion and decide to actually leave their mark on this colourful world of beauty. Young Egyptian makeup artist Dolly Yanny found her passion and made the art of makeup her profession at an age when many of us were still only applying wobbly blue eyeliner.

Dolly Yanny began her professional makeup journey at the tender age of 15. Now 19, Yanny having successfully made a name for herself in the industry as a young, fresh, hot makeup artist, she's launching Dolls Lashes, providing the Egyptian market with much needed high-quality, following the latest trends.Dolls Lashes is set to become Egypt’s newest false lashes brand on Tuesday the 25th of July. The lashes themselves are made of premium, natural, mink hair and currently come in 5 different designs, each named after their inspiration, like Nayla which was inspired by the Nile.
When asked why she chose to start manufacturing her own lashes and what her plans are for the future, Yanni explained, “We needed to make our own quality brand, not import everything. I have big, big plans for the future. A makeup line is next in my plans.”Wanting to bring Middle Eastern beauty to the world, Yanny will be selling her new brand of lashes in Dubai, London, and Los Angeles. And as for Egypt, the lashes will be available on online retailers Jumia and at Ahmed and Abdou salons in Cairo, among other places. For more info, check out Makeup by Dolly Yanny’s Facebook page, or Dolls Lashes website.