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29 Plus Size Shops for Curvy Fashionistas

Is your size oppressing the fashionista within? No more! Check out our extensive list, and go wild.

Curvy women are not spoilt for choice when it comes to fashion. At least, not in Egypt. There seems to be a silent agreement amongst the nation as to what a curvaceous woman should and should not wear. This results in those starting a clothing venture or bringing a franchise to Egypt, to focus on the plain, the loose, and the items that cover you up. Where did people get the ridiculous notion that overweight women should or even want to cover up and hide?

Evans (Sizes 14 – 32) City Stars, Dandy Mall, and City Centre Alexandria.

A great place to get different types of jeans, from boot cut to straight leg, to skinny. Although they have a wide variety of outfits, the selection that comes to Egypt is not as varied as the one they have in the UK, but you can occasionally find the odd nice dress or top.

Marks & Spencers (up to size 24) City Stars, Dandy Mall, Cairo Festival City, and City Centre Alexandria.

Perfect for work clothes and classic cuts. Some things don’t come in size 24 though, and the sizes are not as roomy as Evans, but the they’re perfect for classics, and feminine clothes from smart casual to evening wear. They also have an amazing classy, lingerie section. The swimwear section is also very nice, perhaps the only plus size swimwear section in Egypt.

H&M City Stars Branch


For some reason, their plus size section is only available in the City Stars branch. If you’re a size 20 you can shop around the regular awesome H&M collection. Sizes over 20 are restricted to the plus size section which is not as colourful and hip as the regular collection, but you can still find something that you can mix with scarves, accessories and hip shoes, and pull off the look.

Centrepoint, Maadi City Centre, Cairo Festival City, Dandy Mall, Mall of Arabia, and City Centre Alexandria

Although their collection is tacky and unwearable, go there for the cotton tank tops, and leggings. A tank top with jeans and a colourful scarf and eye catching accessories can go a long way.

Marina Rinaldi, City Stars

It’s nice. Nothing too spectacular, a bit on the plain side, and ridiculously expensive. Once again, check out for the odd great find.

Gerry Weber, City Stars, Cairo Festival City, Mall of Arabia, and 40 Geziret El Arab st. Mohandessin

Stylish elegant cuts on the expensive side.

Punt Roma (Sizes 10 to 24) City Stars, Maadi City Centre, Mall of Arabia

You can find some nice colourful tops here, as well as elegant dresses, including evening wear. More affordable than Marina Rinaldi and Gerry Weber but still pricey.

Mix and Match (Mix plus) 11 Hassan Sabry, Zamalek. Check here for more branches and call first to ask if they have Mix Plus

Beautiful, colourful, and flowy dresses in linen and cotton to keep you cool and comfy, yet looking all pretty and stylish.

Marie Louis (Beauty-Full) Check you nearest branch

Everyone has their own look. If you’re going for the sophisticated politician look, or you’re a formal business woman, this is your haven.

Ulla Popken (Sizes 16 and up) City Stars, and 42 El Hegaz St. Mohandessin

Like most plus size stores available in Egypt, this store caters to sizes more than it does to fashion. You will, however, find a catch every once in a while, so keep checking them out. They also have a small swimwear section.

Monsoon (Up to size 22) Maadi City Centre, Mall of Arabia, City Stars and Sun City Mall


This one’s a real favourite, with beautiful artistic dresses, skirts and tops, a lot of which have a vintage feel to them.

Premium Open Days Facebook Page 

They sell a lot of really interesting miscellaneous things. But they also have a fabulous plus size evening dresses collection. Contact them for info.

Anna Kiara, City Stars

It may look a bit dodgy on the outside, but you might find a nice day dress, or an evening top out of their bulky collection.

Bella Donna. Check Facebook Page for branches 

Perfect for basics and those who love solid colours, comfort, and clean cuts

Rojada. Check Facebook Page for branches 

Another store that is perfect for basics and a little bit of extra colour. Not very roomy but stylish and suits every day needs.

Elena Miro, City Stars

Unquestionably fashionable on the elegant end rather than the hip end. Lovers of dark, bold colours will thrive here.

Now let’s get to the really interesting stores!

Unfortunately they’re not in Egypt. However they are online stores. Some deliver to Egypt and the for the rest you can easily order to your heart’s content through Click on the store name and it will take you on an extensive shopping trip.


This is heaven! They don’t design stuff conservatively, thinking ‘oh an overweight woman can’t wear that!’ You want hot shorts? You got it. A super sexy dress. Yep…got that too. There’s a large variety of items your eyes will boggle from vintage swing polka dot dresses, to funky ripped jeans.

Simply Be

Their swimwear section is their best. Yet they have some nice casual dresses and tops as well. Make sure to shop from the US site for faster delivery.

Forever 21

Trendy casualwear. It’s hip. It’s young. It’s Forever 21



High end fashion. Expensive but worth it.

Lane Bryant

Very fashionable, and caters to all tastes and types of clothing. One of her lines is by Isabel Toledo.


The thing about Macy’s is they have a collection of items from big designer names such as Michael Kors in plus sizes. They also tend to have sales. There’s one on right now.

City Chic Online

Just as the name implies, this is for fancy city dwellers.

Hips & Curves


It is so hard to get good lingerie that is not tacky, but is sexy in an elegant way. It is even harder to get that in plus sizes. But right here, Hips and Curves are just everything you can dream of, with a wide range of intimates especially for plus sizes.

David’s Bridal

Whether you’re the bride, the bridesmaid, the bride’s mother, or the bride’s single friend and out to find a match at that wedding, as every single person does, and fails to do, you will find your thing. Just click on what you’re looking for and choose plus size from the drop down menu. They’re very reasonably priced and beat the hell out of the shit you are forced to buy here for outrageous prices simply because you don’t have much of a choice.

Adoring Dress

More dresses galore! Wedding gowns, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, dresses everywhere! Also very reasonably priced.

Mod Cloth


Bring on the funk yo! This another gem. A personal favourite. They have funky, vintage, retro and exquisite dresses. It truly brings out the fashionista within.

Fashion to figure 

From short denim skirts, to retro dresses this one is for the fashionista.

Asos Curve

Plain, simple, and chic. You can't go wrong with Asos.

There you go, now go spend your money and flaunt off those curves!