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7 (Deadly Sins) For All Mankind

Our fashion team joins forces with iconic premium denim brand, 7 For All Mankind, to turn a sinfully fashionable spotlight on seven of Cairo's most familiar faces and let them pick their poison...Which is deadliest sin of them all?

What’s your vice? We teamed up with the makers of some of the most signature, stylish, sexy jeans around, 7 For All Mankind, and some of the city’s slickest movers and shakers, for a sinfully stunning shoot dedicated to displaying all seven deadly sins in all their evil glory. From the endless indulgence that leads to gluttony to the salacious appeal that prompts lust, we visually explored the seven most iconic evils with a series of sizzling photographs. But what is the deadliest sin of them all? 

Amro El Fikky – Owner of Wel3a – Greed

“A passion for more is what drives my existence. Wanting more than anyone else. Wanting to be better. Wanting to grow stronger, wanting to take risks. This is what drove me to turn my passion into a business. Because why not make money with what you love? Want everything, need nothing.”

Sara Taha – Founder of My Fitness Scout – Wrath

“I love the fact that I’m making people healthier and fitter for a living! The idea of having a positive influence on people in our community and ultimately changing their understanding of fitness and healthy living, the feeling of waking up with a purpose every day to make one small change and knowing that someone is depending on you to guide them to make that change, that is a huge satisfaction. There is no purpose or passion when you are forced to perform tasks you don't enjoy. Anger is born out of dissatisfaction. But it's only when we turn that into constructive anger to find our passion do we find purpose and take action.”

Tamer Hashem – Drummer for Cairokee – Pride

“I have an insatiable passion for life and adventure. Aside from the flashing lights and screaming sounds of fans, what started me out on this road was just that I embarked on a mission to change lives the best way I knew how – my music. Together with my lifelong friends and band members, Cairokee, I believe that we have managed to inspire an entire generation of young Egyptians with our music. I take pride in everything I do, from my music to the way I carry myself.  And only those lucky few who know me way too well manage to see the other side of me.”

Salma Abudeif – Model – Lust

I started modelling almost a year and half ago, and I'm looking forward to going international being a TV presenter and UN ambassador. What I love about my job is that it’s a combination of fashion and art, and I’m passionate about both of them. Ain’t we all lusting after something in our lives?”

Dina Saad – Owner of Carousal Pastry Store  - Gluttony

“A carousel is a surreal experience; a short ride filled with colour, ornaments, music, beauty and whimsical happiness. So is a piece of a sweet pie, a beautiful birthday cake, a rich chocolate cookie or a freshly baked cupcake. In life, pastries and beautiful things may be small but I think happiness always comes one small bite at a time. Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned, one cupcake at a time.”

Hassan Arslan – Owner of Ariika Beanbags - Sloth

“I’m known as the bean bag dude. I've got many hobbies like playing parkour, hitting the clubs, traveling and jumping from high buildings; I am an adrenaline junkie basically, but not when it comes down to work. In our Ariika office, comfort is our fuel; I crave comfort and I reinvent it everyday. Let’s be honest: comfort is key. Without it, we would be walking zombies with no imagination. Be a sloth, people!”

Jude Benhalim – Jewellery Designer – Envy

“My drive is my constant need to empower. My jewellery is an armor, a shield of strength and confidence. Find beauty in your imperfections, be fierce and be free in your wildness, and always believe in your fire. You are a work of art, a goddess. You belong to nobody and no place; never let them deny your shine. Accept, respect, dominate.”

You can check out 7 For All Mankind's Facebook website here, follow them on Instagram @7fam_eu or on Twitter here

Photos produced exclusively for CairoScene by @MO4Network's #MO4Fashion

Styling & Art Direction: Gehad Abdallah

Photography: Ehab Hassouna

Shot in multiple locations: Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza; The Garden; Hakamoro; Grafitti; The Mena House Hotel; Carousel; Wadi Degla Proctorate. 

Makeup by: Kiki Ismail [Tamer Hashem, Jude Benhalim] - Merna Kauzman [Salma Abu Deif, Sara Taha].

Shop the Shoot at 7 For All Mankind at 32 Gezerit El Arab, Mohandessin, Cairo