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7 Egyptian Brands Upping Our Kaftan Game this Ramadan

Modesty is the new cool this Ramadan.

7 Egyptian Brands Upping Our Kaftan Game this Ramadan

Being the fashionistas that we are, there's no excuse for not being on trend with our outfits, at all times - even during Ramadan. While the M.O during the Holy Month is to 'cover up', luckily for us, we can do so fashionably, thanks to local designers chanelling Ramadan fashion with trendy yet modest kaftans. This is not just season-specific wear, however; these kaftans are so gorgeous that we’re thinking of rocking them throughout summer, over our maybe-not-so-modest shorts and tank tops. From the traditional to the contemporary, the classic to the edgy, here are seven Egyptian brands making sure we look on point this Ramadan with some too-cool-for-school kaftans. 

Amina K 

Founded in 2009 by Amina Khalil, Amina K is a brand that pays homage to Egypt in much of its designs. In merging Egyptian heritage with contemporary flair, the brand manages create the perfect mix between East and West - and Ramadan is no different. Launching her latest collection, Piscean, which brilliantly captures the duality of the zodiac sign, Amina K has a few items this season that are suitable for all those Iftars mama’s gonna be dragging us along to. With printed kaftans, stylish ruffle pants, and black tier embroidered and ruffle pants, you'll definitely be the talk of the Ifatr or Sohour. 

Prices start at EGP 1900

Check out Amina K on Instagram or Facebook

She By Shereen Begermy

With their best sellers being the Onyx Bisht and the Princess Bisht, She by Shereen Begermy has that Arabian princess vibe to a tee (think Princess Jasmine from Aladdin if she wore a abayya). Founded in 2011She by Shereen Begermy will have you feeling like royalty. And isn’t that essentially what Ramadan is really about? The Arabian modest princesses that we are? No we're kidding - but this is a brand that has mixed elegance with tradition perfectly.

Prices start at EGP 1500

Check out She by Shereen Begermy on Instagram or Facebook

Velvet Designs

From the traditional, to the edgy. Not shying away from using pronounced patterns, Velvet Designs was founded in 2017 by Mariam Hashem. With one of their best sellers being the white and beige duo kaftans, Velvet Designs has a variety of elegant options for Ramadan and in general for the days when you just have to make a statement.

Prices start at EGP 1200

Check out Velvet Designs on Instagram or Facebook

Paz Cairo

Finding inspiration in the classic kaftan (you know, the one worn by the fashionistas of the 17th Century AD), Paz Cairo designs handmade pieces that are to are both stylish and timeless. Founded by Perry Abou Zeidd, Paz Cairo uses traditional embroidery and tailoring for its pieces. The sister company of THAAT,  a school that teaches crafts to locals,  Paz celebrates its Arab roots by infusing its kaftans with intricate patterns and flamboyant colours. In fact, the brand has a range of items that work perfectly for Ramadan including pants and a Mamluk-inspired suit

Prices start at EGP 1800

Check out Paz Cairo on Instagram

YMZ Cairo 

YMZ is a brand that makes all types of Kaftan and finds much of its inspiration in Middle Eastern emblems. Using symbols like the Hand of Fatima, the Eye of Horus and the evil eye among other things in their designs, Yasmin Zaki, Karim Zaki and their mother Catia Smeraldi founded YMZ in 2014. YMZ also has matching mother and daughter kaftans. So for something a little different to wow your family with, check it out.

Prices start at EGP 1650

Check out YMZ on Instagram and Facebook

The Kash’ma 

Image taken from @yarastravels

Founded by Menna El Sherbini, The Kash’ma is perfect especially when Ramadan happens to be in summer. Designed with light material and patterns that are both colourful and playful, The Kash’ma's kaftan are a godsend for the days when you're trying to maintain fasting without having to give yourself a heat stroke from the weather. Launched in 2017, The Kashma's kaftans also work great in summer as a cover up for when you're going to the beach. 

Prices start at EGP 850.

Check out the Kashma on Instagram and Facebook.