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7 Local Secondhand Shops to Thrift Better than Macklemore

7 Local Secondhand Shops to Thrift Better than Macklemore

Hop on the sustainable wave and shop slow fashion items with our list of local secondhand shops.

Old school thrifting can prove difficult, no matter how easy Macklemore made it seem. But as slow and sustainable fashion takes a bigger precedent in our collective consciousness, copping some pre-loved and vintage clothing hasn’t just become increasingly trendy, but downright ethical. We’ve compiled a list of online secondhand shops to help you find gorgeous thrifts and have them delivered right to your door.


Selling and buying like-new used apparel, Eskai is one of the largest shopping destinations for clothes, shoes, and accessories with a particular knack for professional wear. Shop through

Lift Thrift Shop

An advocate for ethical clothing, Lift Thrift resells pieces from all our go-to international brands like Zara and others for a much cheaper price point. They'll be participating in the Miss Basket Festival on September 11-12. Shop through their IG page.

Ritzy NYC

Importing vintage pieces all the way from the streets of New York, Ritzy sells second hand items that speak to the Harlem aesthetic. DM their IG page to order.

Heimat Thrift

This secondhand shop expertly selects items that look far from vintage, fitting into new and current trends despite their age. At just two weeks old, you can stay updated on their releases on their IG where you can order through their DM.

Good Old

With feminine and quirky pieces that exude that Pinterest-y vibe, this ultra girly thrift shop will have you looking like Cher out of Clueless (1995). Shop through their DM.

The Space

This refined thrift shop is serving looks, curating all their finds to look every bit as good as a boutique. Selling home and beauty products from local brands as well, you can hit them up on

K Finds

With gorgeous jewellery and accessory finds, this shop can help you primp up your fit in an ethical way while staying very much in style. Order through DMs.