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88 Metals Will Take You to the Ethereal Land of Faeries

With pearls, healing crystals and a touch of pixie dust, 88 Metals sparkles with that Fairycore vibe.

Egyptian-based virtual brand for ethereal accessories, ‘88 Metals’, has recently been spreading some magic dust all over our feeds with their Fairycore-inspired jewellery.

If you haven’t had enough fantasy in your jewellery box, Fairycore is a niche internet aesthetic based around hyperrealism but is predominantly centred around elf and fairy mythology. The aesthetic first emerged from creators on Tiktok which ultimately makes it Gen Z’s take on post-grunge aesthetics.

Rofaida Ahmed, owner and designer behind 88 Metals, first started experimenting with conceptual items like can shells, pins, and chains to create her products. Inevitably provoking a culture with jewellery that was deemed as shocking at first, the designer decided to incorporate a more refined approach towards her craft by creating sickeningly charming necklace pieces made from pearls, healing crystals and gems.


What makes the brand truly unique is the incorporation of real elements such as pearls and a diverse variety of healing crystals. “The amount of time and dedication put into the creation of such intricate pieces is what makes my products truly special,” Ahmed tells SceneStyled.


The designer has bigger plans in store for the future, with intentions of branching out into the realm of fashion, and global shipping of her products. If you want to get dolled up in Fairycore charms, you can simply place an order by sliding into @88metals’ dms.