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9 Men’s Swimwear Brands in Egypt to Look out for This Summer

Your summer shirts game might be strong, but have you updated your swimshorts lately?

9 Men’s Swimwear Brands in Egypt

Swimsuits are the workhorses of summer; this is exactly why you can’t enter the season without owning, at least, a solid AF pair. With you wanting to live your best summer life everywhere  – at the beach, by the pool, getting your BBQ game on or burning dem calories with all kinds of watersports – you’ll probably need to get yourself more than one pair tbh.

Naturally, we’ve scoured the interwebz for the best bottoms men can get their hands for some quality fun in the sun. From the classic board shorts to the Insta-friendly patterned trunks, here are nine the brands that regala need to obsess about this summer. 

Tan Designs

We don’t know if it’s just us but every single pair from Tan Designs is making us want to get our tanning game on ASAP Rocky.

Starting price: 650 EGP

KAI Collections

Their very massive collection of cool AF patterns and slick material will please any man who likes to have a ton of options.

Starting price: 850 EGP


What makes Pedalo stand out is that it caters men but also little boys and OH MY HEART WE HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO EVEN!

Starting price: 850 EGP


If you’re feeling a little extra then SAADA WEAR is where you need to do your shopping at. Founded by hotshot model Yehia Saada, the brand boasts a collection that is simply pretty; pretty extra.

Starting price: 500 EGP 

Elvis Swimwear

If you’re about the basic swimshorts life, walk away because Elvis is all about the crazy patterns.

Starting price: 1500 EGP

Brands Station

Just like its name suggests, Brands Station has a massive collection of swimshorts from all kinds of brands -- be it local or international ones.

Starting price: 250 EGP

Yoli & Co

Get ready to serve light, fun and bubbly lewks all summer with Yoli & Co’s SS19 collection.

Starting price: 800 EGP


MaaMgic may not be a local brand, but they’ve just recently launched in Egypt and we’re simply not going to deny men one of life's simple pleasures – that being their classic, stylish or sexy swim trunks.

Starting price: 750 LE 


If you’re trying to save up money this summer but also want to look ready for it at the same time, Volcano has got your back with their affordable pairs.

Starting price: 160 EGP