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Actress Mayan El Sayed Reveals Collaboration With Fashion Hub BRANTU

Actress Mayan El Sayed and BRANTU’s size-inclusive pieces speak to our inner Souad Hosny, Sagheer A’al Hob style, all while channeling that hot summer laissez-faire flair.

Mayan El Sayed, the starlet who captured everyone’s hearts in ‘Le’bet Newton’, ‘Zodiac’, ‘Harb Ahleya’ and ‘High School Girls’, released a sneak peek of a clothing collection she’s collaborated on with local fashion darlings BRANTU.

El Sayed made sure her collection is loudly size-inclusive, featuring Egyptian plus-size model Dara Rashwan in her shoot.

The obvious message of inclusivity meshes fantastically with her collection, a glaring neon sign that women, whatever they look like and no matter what they’re wearing, are beautiful.

The pieces speak to our inner Souad Hosny, Sagheer A’al Hob style, which is precisely why the collaboration actively posits itself as the coquettish seasonal collab (out of the many standout ones currently plaguing our Instagram feeds). The bando top seen on the actress herself channels Cyndi Lauper's ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ frame of mind from which most current hot summer girlies are operating.