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Adlaju: The Egyptian Shoemakers Offering A Minimalist Marriage of Form and Function

Their sandals and shoes are bringing style and substance with hand-crafted 100% Egyptian leather shoes.

How often can you find something that both looks gorgeous and feels good at the same time? Not very. Since form and function seem to constantly be bickering about who gets top bunk, it's almost a given that you're going to suffer for your vanity as you strut your stuff in those new stilettos.

In comes Adlaju; the fully Egyptian footwear brand that brings effortless and minimalist vogue to the ever-evolving fashion forward shoe market. Their designs manage to merge effortlessly sleek and classic tones and designs with unparalleled comfort, giving you a lot of stylish bang for your buck.

Adlaju make full use of 100% authentic Egyptian leather for all their shoes, bringing back sentiments from the past on how Egyptian leather used to be a sought after commodity. "All our shoes are 100 percent hand-made from only Egyptian leather," Adlaju co-founder Dina Ansary tells us, "we're proud to provide high quality and fashionable footwear that boost people's confidence in Egyptian designers."

Put simply, their selection is pretty diverse; with sinfully gorgeous hand-crafted leather gladiator sandles, gorgeously simplistic open-back numbers and a tomboyish, vaguely androgynous, selection of hand-made buckles, boots and silver-bead lined closed shoes, Adlaju are a much needed addition to the shoe and leather goods market in Egypt.

Head over to Adlaju's Facebook and Instagram here and there to browse their comfy AF fashion statements.