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Al Ghorab Collections: The Egyptian Fashion Brand Moulding Vintage Looks for 2019

The fashion brand draws from a broad range of inspirations to make up truly unique looks.

Al Ghorab Collections: The Egyptian Fashion Brand Moulding Vintage Looks for 2019

Think of looks served from the legendary New York nightclub, Studio 54, and those eccentric, yet emblematic fabrics and colours. Mingling those distinct looks and tailoring them to 2019, Egyptian fashion brand, Al Ghorab Collections, caters to the niche desires for these looks of yesteryear, reinstating the notion that old indeed is gold.

Founded by Zeyad El-Ghorab, the vision for the brand was inspired by his visits to vintage stores and thrift shops. Launching in 2018, Al Ghorab wished to slice out his own spot in the thriving Egyptian fashion industry.

“It all started in school, whenever I’d be having troubles I’d toy around with creating designs, until a friend noticed and kind of motivated me to kick it up a notch," Al Ghorab told CairoScene. "I went on to experiment with looks, of both the vintage and retro variety, looks that could be styled as street casual wear or the striking music festival costumes.”

“Apart from the fashion, I want to adapt Al Ghorab Collections’ aesthetics to fit even more categories, like jewellery, masks, costumes, and even furniture down the line,” Al Ghorab added.

Realising the untapped potential his designs could cover, Al Ghorab plans to also expand into sportswear next, so you can break a sweat whilst sporting adorbz/quirky looks. No need to be sweaty, puffy and in a plain shirt and sweats, you know? Spice it up.

Check out more from Al Ghorab Collections on Instagram.