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Al Sagheer Salons Launching in Alexandria

Get ready Alexandrians, beauty is coming for you...

Al Sagheer Salons have been styling our strands to perfection for years. They’ve helped us combat the dreaded frizz and fight the sprouting roots. They’ve manicured and pedicured us within an inch of our lives. In other words, what the hell would we do without them? And every time they open a new branch across our fair land, we do a little happy dance in our heads and calculate how close this new spot is to our homes/offices.

Odds are, their next venue may not be close to you Cairenes but Alexandrians have good reason to rejoice. Al Sagheer will be flinging open their doors in the seaside city this Wednesday July 8th. God bless ‘em, those poor Alexandrians; how have they been surviving this long without their friendly neighbourhood salon and spa? THOSE POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS. Though they do have constant access to the sea without needing to make a two hour drive like us measly Cairo kids. So…it balances out basically.

Anyway, this Wednesday at 9PM make your way over to their opening reception as they launch their swanky, fancypants, lavish tri-story salon and spa on the Alexandria-Cairo Desert Road near City Center. Enjoy some drinks and nibbles, tour the mammoth building and their beautiful open air area, and relish in the knowledge that you can soon pop by the place that perfects humans and indulge in a little beautification.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @alsagheersalons.