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Al Warsha: Where Jewellery Carries A Little Piece of You

Al Warsha can adorn a village with their copious and diverse patterns and designs.

Yeah, sure, everybody has a name, but some of us like to wear our names – to own them and immortalise them through a tattoo or, less drastically, in a piece of jewellery. And because fashion and style are all about making a statement about yourself, some people like to literally wear a statement around their necks because it is their prerogative. If you happen to be one of the above, or if you just happen to enjoy fine jewellery, we just found the perfect – albeit virtual – place for it.Al Warsha makes gorgeous jewellery using quirky designs so you always stand out. You will find everything from stone and gem-studded rings, necklaces, and bracelets, to Arabic calligraphy charms, to unusual ethnic and nature-inspired patterns. That basically makes Al Warsha the most prolific and diverse jewellery designers we have stumbled upon on Instagram for the last little while. We're suckers for Arabic calligraphy, but we also love how they incorporate an ancient Greco-Roman element throughout some of their designs.

If you're feeling a little adventurous and are considering experimenting with your style, Al Warsha is a good place to start. With copious designs and patterns, the jewellers can practically adorn an entire village!  

Check out Al Warsha on Instagram!