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Alaa Makes: The Latest Tribal Addition to Cairo’s Jewellery Scene

After studying under Azza Fahmy, this Egyptian jewellery designer is launching his new brand and it's the most refreshingly original collection we've seen in a while.

Among endless up-and-coming jewellery makers, Alaa Hindia, a young entrepreneur and designer, has launched his dreamy collection of heritage-inspired jewellery last spring.

After attending a course with the legendary Azza Fahmy, the twenty-two-year old started working on his own brand from the confines of his own bedroom. He has since showcased his work in different events and venues and continues to take orders and deliver them himself.

Alaa is inspired by the rich heritage of the ancient and the tribal absorbed through a modern-day outlook, making Alaa Makes a Cairo-based brand that gives a completely different handmade experience influenced by heritage in a contemporary universe.

“I found myself very interested in the idea of collective consciousness on a global scale after doing some more research and finding parallels between all the different cultures at different time periods and how they can connect to the now,” the young jeweller mused about the inspiration of his collection.

Alaa’s jewellery is made out of brass and semi-precious stones with a design aesthetic that’s heavily inspired by nature, which sets it apart in the local design scene.

This September, he also launched his newest mini-collection named Collective Consciousness with a full spectrum of statement and dainty pieces to suit all different tastes.

Keep an eye out for Alaa Makes, looks like this one is here to stay!

Find the nearest pop-up event or be the first to view Alaa’s newest collection through his Facebook or follow the brand on Instagram @alaa_makes!