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Arabian Princess Designs: 1001 Gorgeous Nights

We delve into the latest online shopping sensation, capitalising on kimono culture, with an Arab twist...

Egypt's designers are driving us crazy this summer with their incredible spirit and unique prints and design team/sisters Chayma and Hagar Ghareeb are no different. The two siblings seem to be hitting the fashion scene like a hurricane, with unbelievably fashionable patterns and new styles we're eager to try on.

Dressing up some of Egypt's most known fashionistas like Amina Khalil and Nourhanne Eissa, they've managed to make a name of their brand, that is indeed, very princess-y. Their designs are in, trendy and we just want to have all of their kimonos in our wardrobe. They've certainly managed to build a customer and fan base large enough to allow them to become fashion influencers across the country, with the rise of the Asian-inspired styles, with Oriental prints.

Their clothes are fit for veiled girls as well, who aim to look good and simple or add a little Arabian twist to their outfit, claiming back their identity stolen from the usual casual wear the fashion industry produces.

You can find their outstanding pieces at Boho Gallery or simply stay updated with their releases through Instagram.