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Are You Too Young To Follow This Egyptian Cult?

Okay, we scared you there for a minute – but shoes and bags are the only way to get us to follow a CULT! Check out the exclusive shots we have of the brand Jamila Awad recently – and breathtakingly – modeled for!

Now, we know the word cult induces a bit of anxiety to most people, and the word 'too young' seems like an omen not to partake in any weird followings – but trust us, this is a cult you'd want to follow everywhere. That includes Jamila Awad, aka Hania, aka Egypt's sweet(est)heart – who beautifully just showed up on our feeds looking gorgeous as ever, thanks to Mostafa Baibers' new line, Cult.

You know that woman with a zeal for trying new things, the same one with plenty of flair, and a fine and unique taste in life – the woman who gets up everyday, goes out and isn't afraid to figure out herself, and be surprised with new things about herself; the woman who always feels like she's 'too young' to stop living life to the fullest? Yeah, that woman has her own cult, and she follows it. Designer Mostafa Baibers is so inspired by that very woman that he decided to create a whole brand and line to complement her personality, and when we asked, "Hmm, is that Jamila Awad?", he answered that she may, in fact, very well be that woman. "Well, she's a dear friend of mine, but also, she has a fresh face, she's beautiful, and she inspires many with her presence," he says.

With an experimental base, the shoes and bags brand is ready to kick off - and the cult already has tons of followers, all inspired by Baibers' fervency for Japanese fashion-forward innovations in fashion and lifestyle, which is essentially why his logo carried both the English and Japanese writing across all his products. But, where did he come up with all his crazy ideas (which you're about to catch in the collection's shoot)? "I have always been close to the fashion industry, I've worked very closely with young and local designers, but I was always obsessed with shoes. So I started researching, taking online courses, watching YouTube tutorials, and hooking up which factory producers and show manufactures – and here I am!"

Being the experimental brand it is, only those who dare to extrovert the hell out of their footwear are called for (read: only the cool kids and Jamila Awad). "Everyone is into street-style now, you know, with its colours, and grungy look – but most of all, with how that style can rework itself with any outfit." And it's true, the trend he's talking about started the minute we realised we didn't have to match the colours of our clothes and accessories anymore. Such a good year for fashion it was. 

We were actually excited when we heard all the products are Egyptian-made, and 100 per cent leather. That's beside the fact that we all know how important shoes are as a whole fashion entity and a whole statement, you know, when we're not walking around barefoot like a hippie trying to find their sole...

Obviously, because we are fashion gurus, and we want to wear anything emerging in the fashion scene first, we raid every designer's life and get them to give us a sneak-peak of their new collection. Baibers gave in and shared with us and exclusive batch:

Find out more about where to cop your pieces from @CultFollowers.