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Award-Winning Kegham Djeghalian Headlines Zee’s New Footwear Collection

Local shoe brand Zee has unveiled a new collection marking the brand’s new creative director Kegham Djeghalian.

Alexandria-based shoe brand Zee has recently levelled up its design process with the hiring of its first creative director, Kegham Djeghalian. To mark the arrival of the award-winning designer, Zee unveiled their latest campaign and footwear collection and campaign headlined by Kegham Djeghalian, 'BRAVE NEW WORLD'.

“The idea of creatively handling an Egyptian brand from narrative, to image, to product appealed to me very much. As an image maker and art director, I knew that this post would be a step further in my career and personal creative growth,” Djeghalian told #CairoScene.

The name of the collection is inspired by Huxley’s book title Brave New World, taking on a literal, more optimistic interpretation in a deliberate divergence from the novel’s dystopian narrative. The designs feature trekking sandals, designed with a careful balanced between beach comfort and stylish city sliders. The collection comes with new packaging, including pouches made of sustainable and recycled material in collaboration with renowned eco-friendly Egyptian brand, UP-FUSE.

BRAVE NEW WORLD incorporates inspirations from classical and Greco-Roman sandal silhouettes, in homage to the brand’s Alexandrian roots. The models of the campaign, NAFAQ duo, are Cairo-based contemporary dancers that can be seen doing a mix of tableaux vivants compositions as well as an organic dance movement.

Djeghalian is a multidisciplinary visual artist born and bred in Cairo to Armenian and Palestinian parents. Now based in Paris as a professor at L’Institut Francais de la Mode (IFM), the award-winning artist has collaborated with various fashion houses and designers including the likes of Kenzo, Louboutin, Hermès, Okhtein, and MajaS.