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BOADḰ is the New Sustainable Slow Fashion Brand You Need in Your Wardrobe

This new fashion brand intermingles style, art and eco-consciousness.

Karen Gaballa, fashion, BOADḰ

Motivated to tackle the environmental consequences behind the fashion industry and enamoured with the beauty of natural materials, Karen Gaballa roped together her experience as an architect and her passion for creation to bring a new, inspired bag concept to life. Gaballa utilizes wood to create a slow fashion brand in BOADḰ that intermingles style, art and eco-consciousness.

“The fashion industry is known as one of the most polluting industries in the world," Gaballa told CairoScene. "Making a conscious decision to shop with sustainable and ethical brands will make a difference to the planet and the people within it.”

BOADḰ’s first collection, 'Stitch in Time', uses vibrant colour palettes found in the environment to recreate scenes from nature such as hummingbirds sucking nectar from flowers. The cross-stitched design contrasts against the wood’s grain pattern and is highlighted with gold-plated chains.

Gaballa's design process starts by selecting the wood pattern, followed by treating and staining it. She then laser-cuts the material and cross-stitches colourful designs into the wood. Finally, Gaballa installs gold-plated hardware to complete the look.

Why wood? Gaballa believes that combining the warmth of natural materials like oak wood with winter-worn cross-stitching creates a striking juxtaposition that complements the layered outfits that are a signature of wintertime. Gaballa’s inventive brand concept marries eco-consciousness and craftsmanship, giving the fashion-forward among us the opportunity to incorporate these much-needed ideals in their style choices.

Todays Events
Date: 11/26/2020
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Goethe Institute