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Balmain's SS19 Collection Pays Homage to Ancient Egypt

French fashion house, Balmain finds the inspiration for its latest collection in mummies and pharaohs.

Ancient Egypt has always been a source of awe and wonder for many to draw inspiration from, be it within the art scene, in the film industry or otherwise. The civilization has also inspired the fashion world in more ways than one, which is why the French luxury house, Balmain SS19 collection is paying homage to Ancient Egypt as seen through the lens of French history.

For its latest line, Balmain is borrowing Egypt's mummies and pharaohs and reintroducing them to the fashion world. Ever run into a sexy mummy? Well, not until now you haven't.

Using mummy bandages and hieroglyphic patterns, Balmain manages to bring out the fabulous iconic Egyptian elements. The collection also pays homage to the city of lights, Paris. Balmain's creative director, Oliver Rousteing, elaborates that one of the aspects that inspired the designs for the collection is “the impressive obelisks, pyramids and columns that date from Napoleon’s campaigns and adorn the city’s [Paris] most iconic public spaces". The most notable one of these monuments is the hieroglyph-covered Luxor Obelisk, which has been in the Place de la Concorde since 1936 and is around 3,300 years old. 

Balmain is a and internationally renowned French haute couture brand that's been run for a period of time by THE Oscar De La Renta. 

Check out Balmain's 2019 Spring and Summer collection below.


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