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Beauty is Pain? Calzola’s Killer Shoes Disagree

Manufacturing their sneaker designs abroad, Calzola places quality and comfort at the top of their priority list.

People have long claimed that style doesn’t have to compromise on comfort. And although we agree in theory, the reality is — well. Just look at yourself. We cheer the fact that we can work at home specifically because of the cosiness we can get away with. ESPECIALLY when it comes to shoes. Dress shoes, more like distress shoes, seriously. But you know what? Local shoe brand Calzola is here to change the script on comfort.

Manufacturing their designs between Italy and Turkey, Calzola sources their soles from the same factories as international luxury houses, including Louis Vuitton. “Most local shoe brands say they provide genuine leather, but are actually using a mix of genuine and artificial leathers. We make it a point to use the best quality out there, which is very hard to find on a local level,” operations manager Omar Alaa tells #CairoScene.

“Calzola was meant to fill the chunky shoe gap in the market when we first launched in October 2019," Alaa adds. "And since then we’ve been targeting a new gap with every collection."

Designed by Menna Shaalan, fashion designer and GUC graduate, Calzola’s pieces are created to bring comfort into the life of its wearer without bringing in the drab. Because honestly, at the end of the day, if you're bringing Sketchers to a dinner party everyone's just going to give you a dirty look. But if you're bringing a pair of Calzola, that's just one less thing to worry about.