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Beik+Moll: Cairo's New Watch Brand Making Egyptians Read Time in Arabic

With stainless steel and handmade leather straps, these pieces are set to take over our wrists pretty soon.

With everything moving at such a fast pace around us, it's become easy not to question the origins and mechanics of things we've grown up with and grown so accustomed to. Like, why are all of our watches in Roman numerals? Entrepreneurs, Karim El Beik and Khalid Moll did just that and came up with the first Egyptian watch that tells us the time in Arabic numerals. Why did it take this long, Egyptians? 

Sporting "Cairene Timekeepers" as its slogan, this new brand found its identity by questioning the present and taking a look into the past, Egypt's past that is. Ancient Egyptians were actually one of the first people to create instruments that helped divide their days in two. And both El Beik and Moll, being watch enthusiasts and avid collectors of time pieces, found inspiration in that and paid an ode to Egypt's significant role in the history of an accessory most of us can’t live without. And that's how their unique leather and stainless steal strapped designs came to being.

Speaking to Karim El Beik and Khalid Moll, they take us through their creative thought process. "The obelisk is one of the first time-keeping devices ever made and it was created by ancient Egyptians, and then improved on by the Greeks and so on until we reached the modern day watches," explains El Beik.

Moll also tells us that on a technical level they want to encourage local production and create job opportunities. On a personal level though, the brand strives to change how Egyptians view local brands. For both the founders, this is a project that they believe in wholeheartedly. It's their baby and they are proud of it. 

"Our vision is to create something bigger than us. Something that is ours as a culture. And to benefit the country as a whole. The bigger picture is to have purely Egyptian products, worn proudly by Egyptians,” explains Khalid Moll with so much passion, it's contagious.

For Beik+Moll, it is essential to make their product as local and cultural as possible, while also ensuring quality and originality. The packaging, the straps, the catalogue, and basically everything except the case were produced in Egypt. Authentic through and through, we’re positive Beik+Moll watches will be our latest obsession.

Check them out on Facebook here and Instagram here.