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Boutique D'Argent Opens Up In Zamalek

Boutique D'Argent is not a money boutique, unfortunately. But they're the one boutique that does silver jewellery with sophistication, simplicity, and delicacy.

We stumbled upon a little jewellery store while walking down the streets of Zamalek: Boutique D’Argent, which basically translates to 'silver shop'. 'Argent' could also mean 'money' in French, but that's some wishful thinking right there. Seeing what they had on display, a window loaded with ornate silver pieces, we just had to go in and check it out; it seemed like it was about to become our new favourite spot to spend money we didn't have, and indeed our girly instincts were right (they always are). Let us tell you about a little dilemma we always face. Whenever we decide to buy accessories and not look like tomboys for once in our lives, we find ourselves facing the struggle of not being able to find the right designs. Most of the time, when we try to choose something pretty to buy, they all kind of look like old people accessories­ – sorry grandma. Another problem we face is finding the right store to customise what we want because sometimes it's like well, I like it but y'know, what if that bit was a little to the left? Boutique D'Argent solves both those issues in one go. A blend between customised jewellery and readymade creative pieces that thankfully, do not cost you the equivalent of your firstborn child, the store is filled with an endless array of gorgeous options, primarily using silver.

“Most of the things that are handmade are usually the ones with Arabic calligraphy, which can also be customised,” founder of Boutique D’Argent, Andrew Ramzy, tells us. As for the rest of the pieces, like a pair of incredibly cute dangly earrings that look like dreamcatchers which we instantly fell in love with (yes, we’re so 2000-and-late, we know, and we don't care) they're procured from abroad, ensuring that the store's options are not identical to every place that sells silver in Egypt. “We get our designs from abroad, making us unique with wider varieties that leave us standing out across the region,” Ramzy reveals. “I actually decided to open up this store because silver is much more interesting than gold, with wider varieties to work with, diverse designs, and reasonable prices that lead to a higher demand.”

We even discovered that they have prayer box pendants. As soon as one of our writers saw the prayer box pendants, she instantly bought two - one for her and one for her best friend – and they wrote each other small notes and put them inside. Yes whatever, we are cheesy as hell and we totally own it. It's cute okay, so sue us.

Now with Mother’s Day coming up, maybe you ought to start thinking of what you want to buy her. "If a customer wishes for a certain design or certain calligraphy on a ring, earring, or necklace, we do it,” Ramzy tells us. Mama's done a lot of things for you over the years, why not spoil her a little bit?

Check out their Facebook page here or their Instagram page here.