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#CCFashionInTheCity: Alexandria Fashion Lounge to Give the City's Wardrobe a Snazzy Makeover

Featuring a host of Egypt's most promising up-and-coming fashion designers, City Center Alexandria's Alexandria Fashion Lounge will teach the pearl of the Mediterranean a thing or two about vogue!

Fashion has always been this elusive and abstract concept, nobody quite understands why fisherman pants are in or why grown women wear fluorescent jelly bean sandals and get praised for it, but we will follow our fashion gurus to the end of the world. 

City Center Mall Alexandria is joining a select few of fashion forward organisations in this country with the Alexandria Fashion Lounge, coming soon to the pearl of the Mediterranean, to give the city a makeover that will make Cairo jealous!

Coordinated by Middle East fashion institutions, Ghadeer Al Agabany and Sarah Abul Ela, the Alexandria Fashion Lounge will command the attention of the who's who of the city's fashion scene, featuring three of the country's most promising designers; Sara Onsi, Ahmed Saèdi, and Yosra El-Barkouky who will all be bringing their A game to the runway! Jamila Awad will also be gracing the fashion convention with her presence, as she presides over the audience in her capacity as guest of honour, so no fisherman sandals, you wouldn't want her to give you the stink eye, now would you!?  

Soon Alexandria will give Cairo's sartorially savvy denizens a run for their money, let's see if they have what it takes to be the county's fashion darlings. May the best-dressed city win!   

Photo Shoot and Video by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Photography by: Ahmed Najeeb
Videography by: Mark Hanna