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New Egyptian Designer Sock Brand Will Put Some Art in Your Step

Plain socks are so 2000 and eight.

You know when you strut in the office, black-tie and all, and you feel your inner fashionista screaming for dear life? Well, there's almost nothing you can do about it. Your dress code is, after all, an office policy that you can't be messing around with. But what about making a statement all-the-while not breaking the rules? That's where socks come in. This tiny, mostly overlooked, clothing item is massively underrated, however for some it serves as the ultimate accessory, which is the gap Sort is here to fill with some kick-ass designer socks.

"I'm a sock-addict myself," says Sort's founder Ahmed El-Husseiny."My obsession began at an early age, as my father was also keen on collecting socks with different patterns and designs, and I would usually end up stealing them."After identifying that obvious market gap, El-Husseiny worked on launching Sort as one of Egypt's first designer sock brands. For the time being, he imports designer socks from different countries around the world, but he has a bigger goal in mind. "For now, we're only importing really slick socks that match the demands of our growing market, but locally designing and producing socks is what I'm hoping to achieve in the near future," he further explains.

If you ever felt that your style game is missing a much needed flare, maybe it's time to start from the bottom-up.Check Sort out on Instagram.