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Cairo Opera House Hosts “Silk Road Impression” Chinese Fashion Show

The fashion show was hosted by the Cairo Opera House and organized by the China Cultural Centre in Cairo.

Chinese fashion show cairo

A fashion show showcasing Chinese fashion took place in the open-air area of the Cairo Opera House on Saturday, organised by the China Cultural Centre in Cairo to promote Chinese culture and arts in Egypt. Egyptian and Chinese models walked the runway amazing the audience with elegant outfits representative of Chinese fashion and culture.

Several fashion experts attended the show including world-renowned Egyptian designer Hany ElBehairy, who was impressed with how the show turned out.“I loved this fashion show because it reflected the spirit of China,” ElBehairy told Chinese news agency Xinhua. “It showed that Chinese women love colourful silk clothes. Although the collection is generally modern, it bears very unique cultural characteristics that took us back in history.”

Xinhua also spoke to Chinese fashion designer and curator Yang Beibei, who talked about the inspiration behind her designs for the show. Her collection represents the 24 solar terms of the Chinese calendar (initially used by farmers as a guide for agricultural activities), which are very important in Chinese tradition and culture. Beibei designed the outfits with different flowers and colours to represent the different seasons. She also hopes for further cultural exchanges between China and Egypt.

Hopefully, this will pave the way for further Chinese-Egyptian cultural exchange and collaboration, which poses so much potential thanks to the rich and dynamic histories of both countries.

(***Photocredit goes to Ahmed Gomaa).