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Capa Women’s Wear Brings High-End Luxury to Modest-Wear with New Collection

‘Modest attire for the fighter in every woman’.

Capa Women’s Wear Brings High-End Luxury to Modest-Wear with New Collection

Armed with the slogan, ‘modest attire for the fighter in every woman’, Capa Women’s Wear is taking Cairo, Dubai and Jeddah’s luxury retail scene by storm. Founded by Sharehan Taman, who also happens to be the head designer, the inspiration behind the high-end modest-wear brand came after a gap in the market was noticed.

Capa’s newest collection is split into three lines: the sequin collection, consisting of long capes and all things sequined; the soiree collection, for the après-midi; and the hot couture collection, featuring royal gowns. Prices range from EGP 2,000 as a starting for the sequin collection all the way to EGP 20,000 for the hot couture.

Having worked in the high-end retail field for years, Taman decided to cater to this gap and prove to herself and the world that in order to be fashionable, you don’t have to go through a hassle to find modest wear. Offering casual wear with a luxurious edge and evening and soiree-wear, she makes sure that every piece has a #CapaFighter element to it.

“You’re not only buying attire, you’re buying authentic fashion – quality, imported fabric, comfort, class. Every piece has hand-crafted details and embroidery that is priced by the minute. And you also save a lot of time and effort you’d normally take to style, layer and look good while maintaining your modesty,” Taman told CairoScene. Check out more of the collection below.


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